A hand to the community

By Natalie Vacha

The University of Calgary Faculty Association celebrated the relationship between academic staff and the citizens of Calgary at its annual awards ceremony this Wed., Nov. 30.

“There is a strong connection between the university and the community, but it often goes unnoticed,” said professor Anne Stalker, who presented the awards. “The awards ceremony is an opportunity to highlight contributions that faculty members are making to the community, and to recognize that the community provides support to the university as well.”

Dr. Robert Sainsbury of the department of psychology is this year’s winner of the Community Service Award.

“It’s always an honour to be recognized by your colleagues,” said Sainsbury who thanked his co-workers at the Vocational and Rehabilitation Research Institute, the non-profit organization of which he is board chair. The VRRI’s mandate is to help people with developmental disabilities, and since the mid ’90s Sainsbury has worked to make the VRRI a leader in the field by focusing on innovative community-based services.

The Recognition Award was granted to Daryl K. (Doc) Seaman, Donald R. Seaman and Byron J. Seaman. The award is granted to members of the general community who have given exceptional support to the scholarly activities of the U of C academic staff.

“We are overwhelmed,” said Byron Seaman after the ceremony. “We come from a small town in Saskatchewan and we knew how important community support can be. Now we have a chance to give back, to give people the opportunity to do the things they want to do.”

The Seaman brothers have provided support to develop the Seaman Family MR Research Centre, which is affiliated with the faculty of medicine. The three brothers also provide funding for scholarships at the U of C.

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