Midterm Review: Women’s Soccer


There was no shortage of talent on the Dinos’ lineup this year. They were anchored by Canadian national team goalie Taryn Swiatek, who was a Canada West First-Team All-Star. The Dinos boasted several other standouts, including the elusive defenseman Renae Hunter and the marvelous midfielder Jessica Horning, both of whom also received CW recognition.


The Dinos displayed excellent effort with continuous improvement all season. Unfortunately they climaxed a few games too soon.


Head Coach Robin Slot was always shy to the media spotlight, but shone in his role on the sidelines. His team’s success at the end of the season illustrated his coaching abilities. He expected shootouts in the playoffs and prepared his team accordingly, allowing them to win two of three.


Our ladies were a wildcard all season. They were always present in the standings but never made a serious stab at the top spot. They showed a propensity to tie games, but made this work to their advantage in the playoffs, using shootouts as a springboard to nationals. Other than the outstanding Swiatek, the team was full of B+ players. The lack of ‘A’s in the crowd ultimately led them to fall short of a national title. But it was a hell of year as the team won their first ever CW Championship.

Overall: A-

(An A team at CW playoffs and a B team at nationals.)

Animal: Hippopotamus. A docile beast with a mean streak that could bite your ass off. (But our ladies were a little bit skinnier).

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