Spun: I am Ghost

I am Ghost’s Epitaph debut, We Are Always Searching, is much like a seed. With proper nourishment–also known as better production–the band is likely to flourish into a bountiful venture.

Following closely in the goth-pop-punk footsteps of the Used and My Chemical Romance, I am Ghost kicks it up a notch, incorporating a female vocalist, a piano and a violin into the package. While the violin’s place in pop-punk has been tainted by the likes of Yellowcard, it’s refreshing to see a band do it as well as I am Ghost does, managing to seamlessly incorporate varying influences in a way few of their predecessors have been capable of.

Lyrically, I am Ghost is, sadly, awash in the current deluge of other bands singing about blood, death and bloody, dead vampires. This is unfortunate, because they are a talented group capable of surpassing many of the masses of other bands out there using the same tactics.

While the band’s talent shines through on Searching, the sound quality is lacking. With more comprehensive production, I am Ghost will certainly become a front runner for commercial success. Provided they can improve their recording, it shouldn’t be too long before frontman Steven Juliano’s face graces the MuchMusic countdown a la My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way.

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