Time Review: The best of 2006

When you write for a small publication, ‘best of’ articles are a dubious beast. No matter how awesome your tastes may be, and no matter how many pins you have clipped to your shoulder bag, people will always accuse you of ripping off larger publications. In an effort to counter this dastardly reality, the Gauntlet decided to use its finest time travel technology–easily the third finest time travel technology available to U of C students–to beat all those “legitimate” rags to the punch.

The tail-end of 2006 was a scary place. The Conservative majority soon to be elected had effectively revoked suffrage to everyone save white men over the age of 40 who possess no more than four cats and no fewer than two. Also, U.S. President Bush, tired of being the brunt of jokes regarding his rather hilarious lexicon, passed a bill stating English will furthermore be defined by him. In addition to these intriguing developments, the music scene took some exciting turns. Without any further delay, here now is the Gauntlet’s five best albums of 2006.

1. Outkast – Idlewild. Who would have thought Outkast would catch Michael Jackson’s skin disease and start playing bluegrass?

2. Buckcherry – Fifteen. They now prefer their paint thinner.

3. Danielson Famile – Ships. Christianity finally becomes popular in ’06, and in a big way.

4. Arctic Moneys – Whatever people Say I am, that’s what I’m Not. Yup

5. Prince – 3121. Prince wisely opted to eschew proper music in favour of an album composed entirely of the sound of him checking himself out in a mirror.

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