Rez students moved around for renos

The need for urgent renovations to Cascade Hall has displaced has displaced a number of residence students.

The project, which should be finished as soon as February, was a result of damage that occurred underneath the building. Residence Services Director Joel Lynn stressed the importance of the problem that caused a total of six students to be relocated.

“Underneath the building there was a flood a few years ago and it moved some of the ground fill, said Lynn. “There were a couple of areas where the fill washed out more than anticipated and the drainage systems had either collapsed or shifted. It really needs to be fixed immediately, with the drainage systems we can’t wait.”

Students were upgraded from Cascade Hall into two bedroom residences or studio apartments on campus and received a high level of cooperation from Residence Services for the disruption.

“Every student received two months free rent and will continue to pay for the old apartment while they are living in the nicer building,” said Residence Students’ Association President Emily Wyatt. “Residence Services was really great in supplying things like pots and microwaves and helping out with supplies during the move.”

With the help of maintenance workers supplied by Residence Services, the majority of students were relocated to Glacier Hall shortly following the beginning of the winter semester.

“Initially, everyone was kind of like, ‘What’s going on?’,” said Wyatt. “It was quite a disruption before classes, but after the students settled in, everyone seems quite happy and feels that the compensation was good.”

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