Spun: Amy Rigby

By Katherine Fletcher

Amy Rigby is a middle-aged divorced mother from New York, not the type of person who immediately jumps out at you as cool. However, the singer-songwriter’s fifth release, Little Fugitive, proves she’s way up there with the cool factor. Rigby became a critical darling in 1996 with her solo debut Diary of a Mod Housewife and she doesn’t disappoint with her latest record.

Little Fugitive’s overarching theme is romantic disenchantment. “I’ve had enough of the soulmate searches/I’ve had enough of the stomach lurches,” Rigby sings on “I Don’t Wanna Talk About Love No More,” before claiming she’d rather discuss mason jars and roofing tar rather than the harrowing L-word. On “Needy Men” she takes on the role of a lounge singer and vents her troubles with the opposite sex.

Little Fugitive also finds Rigby branching out musically. With the exception of “Girls Got It Bad,” she strays from her country roots in favour of ’60s psychedelia, ’70s punk and modern folk-pop. These shifts elevate Little Fugitive into a compelling album. It’s sweet and soulful enough to wind down to and raw and energetic enough to dance to.

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