Spun: Scott Stapp

It’s been almost four years since Creed’s last album hit the airwaves. While the band has indeed broken up, former Creed front man Scott Stapp has released his solo debut, The Great Divide. If you have a deep hole in your heart only more Creed music could fill, consider it filled, because this is essentially another damn Creed album.

Stapp starts off strong with harder-edged offerings “Reach Out” and “Fight Song” but rapidly degenerates into the same old shtick he used in Creed. The first single off the album, “The Great Divide,” sounds like every hit he had with his former mates. Fans of Creed will rejoice, for the band’s music lives once more, but the rest of the world is left to wonder what the point of the whole break-up was in the first place.

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