BRU classes back in session

Big Rock Brewery has turned grabbing a few beers into a downright edifying experience.

The Big Rock University lecture series is continuing at the Big Rock Grill this semester and features several University of Calgary professors speaking on a wide variety of topics. The evening, however, is not just for academics.

“The lectures are attended by an eclectic group of usually 80 to 100 people,” said Dr. Holger Herwig, one of the organizers of the event who is a history professor at the U of C. “Ranchers, academics, students, business people, anyone who is interested.”

Guests will be treated to two pints of beer, dinner, dessert and coffee, but there are other benefits to attending. Proceeds from the ticket sales fund eight undergraduate scholarships at the U of C.

“The lectures raise money for outstanding students at the U of C,” said Kathleen McNally-Leitch, director of Big Rock Brewery and a member of the Senate. “Their hard work and accomplishments are inspiring and generate more funding for students.”

All full-time undergraduate students are eligible for the scholarships, which are awarded based on merit–an evening to feel all warm and fuzzy about, and not just because of the alcohol.

The Winter 2006 lecture schedule features four lectures. The next will be held Wed., Feb. 22, and is entitled “Where am I and what time is it? Navigating in four dimensions.”. For more info visit Big Rock’s website

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