Poking a bear not a good idea

Editor, the Gauntlet

[Re: “Poking a bear in the face with a stick,” Editorial, February 9, 2006]

I am not a U of C student, but I happened to pick up a copy of the February 9 Gauntlet yesterday. I could not believe my eyes when I read “Poking a Bear in the Face with a Stick.”

So you chose not to publish the cartoons because “well, that would be like poking a bear in the face with a stick. Yeah, you can do it, but does your reason justify getting your arms ripped off.” Oh yes, and it would have been “bad taste.” I am very disappointed that you did not strongly condemn the bigotry in the cartoons and instead made snide comments that perpetuate stereotypes.

Instead of condemning the racism inherent in the cartoons, your editorial supports the sentiment one of the cartoons expresses–muslims are violent. I sincerely hope the Muslim Students Association asks for an apology.

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