Nurses denied summer U-Pass

Nursing students are still stuck with full price transit in the summer, just like the rest of us.

Last month, preliminary talks began between the University of Calgary and Calgary Transit to have the U-Pass extended over the summer for nursing students in the fast track program. These students must work practicums through the summer, but are ineligible for the U-Pass.

“It’s a matter of terminology,” said director of ancillary services, Peter Fraser. “U stands for Universal, all students must pay, whether they use the service or not. It isn’t realistic to get all undergrads onboard for a spring/summer pass, so the issue is making an exception for a small group.”

Fraser explained that while CT was being very co-operative, there is a fear that once they allow a concession for one group, other groups around Calgary may seek similar deals.

“Together we need to come up with an exception that CT can defend, and that we can use in favour of our students,” said Fraser.

If an agreement is reached it may lead to other students participating in a practicum getting the same deal.

“The university is providing a service to students, our job is to make sure it’s done in an equal way,” said Students’ Union vice-president academic Paige Forsyth.

More formal discussions will take place in early March between the U of C and CT. Fraser hopes nurses can get a break by this summer.

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