U of C’s most wanted

The February Campus Security Report is in and it indicates students should keep one hand on their laptops at all times and leave their drugs at home.

Although issues with transients and theft kept Campus Security busy, February was an otherwise uneventful month.

“We had some drug paraphernalia show up in a washroom in a residence building,” said campus security manager Lanny Fritz. “People were found in the area during the day, Campus Security approached and identified them and then they were asked to leave. We haven’t had any issues since.”

Fritz emphasized that transients on campus is of concern but that students are not related to the matter.

“Many more problems occur with people from off-campus,” he said. “Students here feel a sense of ownership and are more inclined not to be a part of these sorts of problems.”

However, he cautioned that students should not leave their belongings unattended, as two laptops were stolen in the past month, one from MacEwan Student Centre and one from the Law Library.

“They’re a hot item,” Fritz said. “They’re lightweight and easy to conceal. We get people from off-campus who target us from time to time and walk off with valuables.”

Three males were also caught trying to break in to the University Club but were scared off by caretakers. An on-foot chase ensued and one student was apprehended. Police are further investigating the incident.

February also saw a number of domestic disputes and a professor’s office was vandalized.

“I don’t know if this type of occurrence is from the stress students are feeling at this time of the year,” remarked Fritz. “But if you consider that the U of C has 30-35,000 students and it’s just like a small city, the amount of incidents we see is quite low.”

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