Spun: The Belushis

By Ryan Pike

The Belushis play rock music and that’s all you need to know.

Their debut album, Rich In Broken Glass, is proof positive.

From the energetic and in-your-face opener “Black is the Rockiness Color” to the very end, The Belushis peddle a very straightforward brand of rock music. Their sound would be mediocre if not for their unyielding energy and flashes of creativity like “Ragged Blue Jeans,” being merely musical accompaniment to a woman’s orgasmic moans, but managing to be appropriately awesome despite having almost no lyrics.

It’s obvious the Belushis are having fun and even though the songs begin to blur together by the end you’ll still end up having fun. You’re not likely to remember anything about the album minutes after hearing it, but it’s definitely an enjoyable listen.

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