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Editor, The Gauntlet,

The end of that “Islamic Awareness Week,” leaves numerous nagging questions about Islam in the back of my mind. First, I’d like thank all of the U of C campus Islamic activists for increasing my “Islamic awareness,” and teaching me that Islam is a religion of peace and non-violence, which strongly objects to any unnecessary cruelty towards animals or humans. If this is correct, I’d like to ask why I don’t see any Islamic activists, nor Islamic activist groups around the world, campaigning against the current and extremely cruel mass slaughter of 325,000 defenseless baby seals right in their seal nurseries on the ocean ice flows? This Canadian government funded seal extermination programme, also known as the Annual Canadian Atlantic Wild Baby Seal Holocaust, is extremely unIslamic (haram) by all offical definitions of Islam that I’ve heard to date. So why no objections from any Islamic community?

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