Ad Homi-wha?!

Editor, the Gauntlet,

[Re: “Ctrl-Alt-Del,” April 6, 2006]

Regarding the letters to the editor published over the recent “Genocide Awareness Project” and particular the letter by Mr. Matthew Wilson–I find your lack of awareness on the issue disturbing, to say the least.

You state that “several minds were changed as a direct result of this display” and go on to accuse the Gauntlet of making unsubstantiated claims. At the same time, you yourself do not substantiate your previous claim.

Following that, you claim the Gauntlet has used arguments that are irrelevant to the topic and even go so far as to claim ad hominem arguments. This at the same time that comparisons of abortion to the Holocaust and Rwandan genocide are being made–it strikes me that these arguments are ad hominem as well.

You also claim that individuals at abortion clinics, Planned Parenthood, etc. refused to debate the issue with you. How surprising that they would refuse to debate with individuals who would use the Holocaust as a foil for their arguments!

It is ludicrous to claim factual and logical inconsistencies of the other side when your side itself is riddled with them. Take for example your claim that abortions are linked to an increased incidence of breast cancer. This claim was proven absolutely false in 2004 with a major review by the Lancet of over 83,000 female patients.

Lastly, do not use misnomers–we are not pro-abortion, we are pro-choice.

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