Report Card: Tennis


The tennis team had a great bunch of individuals, but unfortunately they had few match winning players. Kasia Kwiatkowska was the team’s boom first-year recruit with several wins under her belt. Spencer Laird suffered a horrific leg injury that required 50 stitches. But he did that skiing, not playing tennis. I just mentioned it because people like to read about sports injuries.


Few other teams did as much early morning training as the tennis Dinos, whose season began in September and ran until February. Unfortunately these Dinos could have practiced all year round and still come up short against their competition.


Coaches Ralph McNiven and Alex Policarpo were always slightly negative about their team’s chances of success this season. Next year they might do better to overestimate the Dinos’ pre-season potential, then, if they under-perform again, act devastated and demand a total overhaul of the tennis program and heaps of funds.


After winning only a handful of matches in their two tournaments the Dinos’ didn’t achieve much. But before you rush to the Registrar’s Office and demand your $79 intercollegiate athletics fee back, remember the tennis team doesn’t get any financial help from the Athletics Department.

Overall: C+

(Keep in mind grade inflation is common at Canadian universities.)

Animal: Your dog. He won’t win any championships, but he enjoys playing with tennis balls and you like keeping him around.

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