Report Card: Women’s Hockey

By Sean Nyilassy and Lee Bogle


Okay, so the ladies didn’t have anyone in the top 15 for points. Sure, both of their goaltenders had goals against averages above 4.00–the two worst averages in the ACAC for goalies that played in more than 30 per cent of games. But who said scoring points and stopping goals defined talent? No? Tough crowd?


I’ve seen very few sunrises this year. Usually it was when I was still awake. These ladies however, were on the ice for practice as the sun came up for much of the winter. That kind of dedication earns them some points for effort.


Head coach Dean Holden is new to the game. Not to the game of hockey of course, but the game of coaching the Dinos. He got just one year of experience as assistant coach before being thrust into the head role.

However, his credentials are impressive and after a couple of years he will hopefully mould the team into a finely tuned hockey machine.


I guess you can’t say too much about a 2-18 record. However, they did get both wins towards the end of the season against teams that probably expected an easy ride.

Overall: C-+

Animal: The French. They always get their ass kicked but somehow bounce back.

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