Music Interview: The Horrorpops

By Logan Niehaus

Energy, emotion and musical talent don’t go as far as they should these days. Bands are given images to live by, catering to the current trends of recluse followers and slackers. These transients and whores of popular culture watch, waiting for the next flamboyant, mascara wearing, clash of ideals and monopolistic regiment. Thankfully, there are still a few bands out there who just want to rock. One of these balls of flamboyance and charm is Epitaph Records’ Horrorpops.

Touring 10 months of the year with shows almost every day during their schedule, the Horrorpops have placed themselves atop the pedestal of good old hard working rock bands. Their excited and original but mostly bad-ass display of their love for music is undeniable throughout a Horrorpops set. The band originated with the ideal that there would be no limits to what they could do or what kind of music they would make. This mantra has allowed them to evolve into a dynamic calamity of rock-punk goodness.

“It’s fun, this band is about actually playing in the sense in what the word means,” states lead singer Patricia Day. “To have fun, be kids and we want to challenge ourselves and have a laugh at the same time. We may even do a techno song or something. We try hard just to have fun with it.”

Over the past few years the band has created a stable base of members and a solid family outleting their musical spirit. Things weren’t the same in the early stages of the band, when a member was forced to leave to fulfill family duties, causing the rest of the band to rely on a temporary member, something the band found difficult.

“It’s hard, like having a girlfriend,” explains Day, who insists the addition of ex-AFI and Tiger Army vet Geoff Kresge worked perfectly. “You get used to it and then all of a sudden it’s not there and you have to deal with that. It was really easy with Geoff ’cause when we heard he had left Tiger Army we were like ‘fuck yeah.’ We didn’t know if he could play guitar but he was a good friend of ours, which we welcomed.”

Like any band, the Horrorpops were in search of a label able to provide them with a tight-knit family-like stability and comfort. They found this security in Epitaph, who houses a number of talented and thriving bands.

“It’s been home right from the beginning,” points out Day. “For example, we signed in, I think it was the month of August, and Christmas we spent with the label. Eating turkey and all that shit. It is a family, they really like taking care of their bands and this is just the best.”

Known for a give’r-and-go touring schedule and an energetic live show, the Horrorpops have everything any good band should, like tons of musical talent, a love for what they do and some really kick ass anthems. Not cashing in on daily trends, the band has stayed true to themselves and those around them. Rolling through on their Canadian tour, their music will regale the minds of roughly 4,000 drunk students when they rock out for Bermuda Shorts Day this Thursday. Hopefully you’re not all too sauced and get to experience the sheer beauty of Ms. Patricia Day and the Horrorpops.

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