Mac Hall renos delayed again

The completion date of the MacEwan Student Centre third floor redevelopment has been pushed back, again.

Originally, the project was to finish Mon., May 1, however due to contaractor delays, the renovations won’t be completed until the end of the month.

“May 26 will be the opening date for the [second floor] washrooms, NUTV and the multi-faith centre,” said Students’ Union vice-president operations and finance Cody Wagner. “By June 1, everyone should be all moved in and

ready to go.”

Wagner cited several reasons for the delay.

“Specifically the delay was with the glazier-someone who installs and fits all types of glass-installing panels in the stairwell,” said Wagner. “We’ve had the glass on-site for a couple of weeks now and the glazier will start working [Tues., May 16]. This delay will affect the completion of the outer common area and the final sprinkler work.”

The glazier got off to a smashing start on Tuesday by breaking a large panel of glass over the stairs, restricting traffic to the third floor.

Wagner also noted one delay affects all other work to be done on such a large project, exacerbating any problems.

The third floor redevelopment, with the exception of

the new space for CJSW, will open Fri., May 26.

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