Spun: The Paper Cranes

It’s probably impossible to listen to the Paper Cranes and not compare them to the Cure. Singer Ryan McCullah has that same fragile, whiny, ultimately lovable voice. The band sounds familiar and unique at the same time, combining the best of post-punk with all the catchy hooks and melodies of classic brit-pop.

Perhaps the Paper Cranes’ greatest trait is their simplicity. Nothing is superfluous to the band’s arrangements, and the drummer’s predictable battering is enough to make Meg White proud. With songwriting sensibilities similar to Arcade Fire, minus the excessive orchestration, the Paper Cranes have the rare ability to make simple songs sound like epic heart-wrenchers.

The album’s last track, “Deus Ex Machine Gun” is a successful foray into the realm of synth-pop, proving the band has more than a few tricks up their sleeve. If the impending full-length release is anything like this five-song teaser, the scenesters will be dancing till they burn through the rubber on their checkered Vans.

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