NUTV gets NUoffices

By Rebecca Pfliger

After four years spent hidden behind the bank machines in the food court, NUTV is finally moving up.

The new NUTV offices are officially open on the third floor of MacEwan Students’ Centre and NUTV staff couldn’t be happier.

“We’re all very excited about the new space,” said NUTV producer and program director Tinu Sinha. “We’ve been in a temporary space for four years now, and it’s nice to finally be here.”

The new office space will add visibility and efficiency to the program. All NUTV offices and the editing suites are now in the same location, along with a new studio space that will create more opportunities for the station, according to Sinha.

“We have a large, special open concept studio space for interviews and maybe even a live studio audience,” said Sinha.

Previously NUTV cameras had to go out into the community to interview individuals. Now they can bring them to campus.

“It’s a chance to show off our respectability and visibility,” he added.

NUTV is a non-profit society consisting of 120 volunteers, and encourages people to get involved in television production.

During the summer NUTV is working on two major projects: documentary and drama. The University of Calgary drama department is involved in the latter project, which makes students more aware of NUTV, said Sinha.

“We’ve always been in a unique position at the university since we’re not officially part of the university,” explained Sinha, noting he hopes the new location will make the station more visible to future volunteers.

“Come September we’ll have a space that’s nice and tidy,” he said. “We’re not finished un-packing yet. But that should happen soon.”

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