Spun: The Stills

Without Feathers is irresistibly catchy, fun and sweet. Pristine vocals coast over tambourines and handclaps, flowery piano lines and pretty guitar licks. Although the music is mostly sunshine, Tim Fledger’s dark and moody vocals sometimes make for an interesting juxtaposition. In “Destroyer,” the blazing pop melodies of the trumpets and guitars are offset by the somber lyrics, “Let go my free will / I can’t stand compromise / Only when you’re dead / I’ll make you mine.” The songwriting consistently impresses with witty lines, such as “You’re so good looking / You’ll turn all the men into boys.”

Percussion layers play an integral part on several songs; the band even credits the cowbell player on a couple tracks, including the dancy “Helicopters.” The Hammond B3 is the cherry on top, filling out the more dramatic moments with that classic organ hum. With catchy hooks, clever lyrics and a playful angst that will make you want to burn flowers, Without Feathers further solidifies The Stills on top of the Montreal bastion of hot new Canadian music.

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