Spun: P.J. Harvey

Rarely does the queen of rock disappoint, and this live DVD is no exception. Sixteen tracks of brazen, ballsy Rock’n’Roll rendered with camera shots just as erratic as the band’s movements will leave long-time fans satisfied and new listeners wondering why they never realized chicks can rock so hard. Her hit “Down by the Water” is especially raw and edgy, as is the opener, “Meet ze Monsta.” The band’s showmanship is top notch and sure to entertain–Harvey parades around the stage like a chimp pounding on the glass of its cage, grabbing the attention of passersby.

So much more than just a live concert, On Tour Please Leave Quietly has some special features worth checking out. The lengthy P.J. Harvey interview, which is actually more of her random thoughts than an actual Q & A, illustrates her first foray as a producer, the process of selecting a record title, and her artistic choices. The backstage footage is as rough and messy as the songs, offering a glimpse into tour life in all its sloppy, drunken glory. Fans will definitely appreciate that this DVD doesn’t just scratch the surface of the music; it taps into the mind of one of the most influential female rockers of all time.

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