Road to the Slurpee Cup

Indie kids and independent media moguls alike are lacing up their Vans and dusting off their sweat-bands in preparation for the ninth annual CJSW Slurpee Cup street hockey extravaganza.

The Slurpee Cup takes place Sat. Aug. 19 and pits local bands, bars and independent media outlets against each other in a test of street hockey prowess. Each team plays for a charity, and the top team wins the proceeds of the event for their charity in addition to a year’s worth of bragging rights.

Along with the University of Calgary Trimedia outlets–CJSW, the Gauntlet, and NUTV–some of the 24 other high-profile teams include entertainment magazines FFWD Weekly and Beatroute, and local bands Rocky Fortune and Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome.

Such a strong lineup makes this year’s outcome hard to predict, according to CJSW festivals coordinator and street hockey enthusiast Richard Freeman.

“The field is completely open since last year’s champs, Core-upt Records, are not returning,” said Freeman, noting that he’s been growing a hockey-hair mullet for months in hopes of giving the CJSW team a competitive edge on the big day.

Though the competition is tight this year, Freeman was willing to make some game-day predictions.

“If somebody feeds the SIDS they might have a chance of making it in,” speculated Freeman.”They’re too skinny at this point to play hockey. And the all-girl team, formerly known as Clitisaurous is back, but they are now called the Secret Cervix. I think they were tired of being associated with dinosaurs. “

For those who still want to get in on the Slurpee Cup action without breaking a sweat, there are both pre- and post-event parties to raise money for the winning team’s charity, said Freeman.

Freeman also offered up some advice for the teams in training.

“Wearing multiple sweat-bands is key,” said Freeman. “Players should start stretching them out now. Oh, and coming to the CJSW warm-up party at the HiFi.”

The Slurpee Cup warm-up party is Wed. Aug. 16 at the HiFi Club, 219 10th Ave. SW, and features an ’80s dance party with C’est Dangereux.

The afterparty is Sat. Aug. 19 at Broken City, 613, 11th Ave. SW, and features Rock Show: The Collapse with GutterAwl at 8:30 p.m., followed by Danceparty: Rocksteady with DJs Gary Powers and Marco Primo at 10:30 p.m. Admission is $7 or free with a tournament wristband.

Also, come watch team Gauntlet dominate all competition at the main event on the U of C tennis courts Sat. Aug. 19. The balls drop at 11 a.m.

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