Letter: Gauntlet Cold and Heartless

By Jessica Corbeil

[Re: “Warped,” cartoon, Sept. 21, 2006]

I have always been a firm believer of freedom of speech and the importance of being allowed to express our own opinions. I often looked to the publication of a school newspaper as a shining example of this freedom of speech.

Having said that, lately my respect of the paper has gone further and further downhill. Whether it is swearing, seemingly simply for the sake of swearing or comparisons to sex when there is no real relevance (such as when writing a review of a CD) the staff of the Gauntlet simply seem to be seeing how far they can push the envelope. The publication of the ‘Warped’ comic in last week’s issue crossed the line. When I saw the illustration my stomach turned. Suicide as a joke. The main reason for my offense may have something to do with the following: maybe it’s because my close friend just attempted suicide a mere week ago and will be paralyzed for life as a result. Possibly it’s because mental health is a serious issue and I feel certain that those who wrote and approved this comic have never dealt with it. Perhaps it’s because there are undoubtedly students on this campus who are dealing with the loss of a loved one through suicide.

I feel that the entire staff of the Gauntlet owes the university community a sincere apology for printing something so reprehensible. Does freedom of speech mean that we should forego respect for others? Lately, I have begun to see your paper not as freedom of speech, but rather as a group of people who do not seem to know the definition of journalistic integrity. I can assure that I will never again be tempted to pick up another issue of the Gauntlet.

Jessica Corbeil

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