Den beer prices skyrocket

At least two people protested last week as students took notice of a Students’ Union decision to raise the price of beer at the Den by $1 per jug on Thursday student appreciation nights.

SU vice-president operations and finance Cody Wagner insisted this 14 per cent increase was necessary to keep beer profitable.

“Beer prices keep going up and we’ve been keeping them artificially low,” said Wagner.

It is possible however, that this is the first step in a conspiracy to discourage students from drinking. Although the SU denies the claim, some have suggested this is the first step to closing the Den for good.

“It’s ludicrous,” said Wagner. “There’s no truth to it.”

Students are disappointed in the SU using their power to take advantage of students.

“It’s the only place to drink on campus,” said Den patron Vaclav Albrecht, as he sipped a pint on the Den patio. “They have a monopoly on beer.”

While the price may be higher, Wagner insists it’s still reasonable for students.

“We don’t have a cover charge and we do have draft beer,” said Wagner. “It’s still five to six dollars cheaper than anywhere else.”

This didn’t satisfy students however. In a comprehensive Gauntlet survey of four people, 100 per cent of respondents said that they will not attend student appreciation night.

“Now I take a Friday morning class,” said Albrecht.

This unusual way of showing student appreciation may be the first sign to students that their executive does not care for them.

“I hate every single one of them,” added Wagner. “Just kidding.”

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