Online-Exclusive Spun: The Kooks

By Darren Young

Pop music isn’t dead. If you were to poke it with a stick, it would probably retaliate, or give a grunt of acknowledgement at the very least. The Kooks are fully aware of the living, breathing organism that is pop music, and they’re here to reacquaint it with those who thought they’d lost their lover. Inside In/Inside Out is a pop record, and the Kooks are proud of it.

The album kicks off with the quaint “Seaside,” an acoustic tune that could have been borrowed directly from Coldplay’s pocket. Immediately following “Seaside” is “See The World,” which rocks more like the Strokes than Coldplay.

Nearly every song on the album has its own distinct sound, and, ironically, that’s why Inside succeeds–it’s light, heavy, and freely interchanges between upbeat pop and gritty sounding rock depending on the mood.

Inside In/Inside Out is a fantastic pop album filled with many diverse sounds. No need to poke it with a stick.

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