Spun: Ammoncontact

Ammoncontact’s latest is a wet canvas painted with a dark, heavy brush. A force that shifts phase in a blur of colour the instant you make out what it is you’re looking at. His virtuoso West Coast production disregards genres altogether like a Quebecois slurs crude language into one undebateable and indefinable streak.

Where With Voices loses its touch is the odd grating repetitiveness and predictability that comes alongside occasionally relying on sequencers instead of session musicians. Despite this small flaw, With Voices is still very impressive.

Ammoncontact’s phenomenal ability to fall into step with the guest performances on this album is what sets them apart. The duo’s combination of keyboard and beats always manages to work with the styles of artists as varied as the legendary Mia Doi Todd and Prince Po. With Voices is a regurgitation of decades worth of hip-hop, emerging with an aesthetic that is simultaneously challenging, versatile, and deeply satisfying.

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