Spun: The Eagles of Death Metal

When a drunken man argued that the band Poison–best known for their weak love ballads such as “Talk dirty to me”–was metal, Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes responded that Poison were “the Eagles of death metal.” Thankfully, the Eagles of Death Metal sound nothing like Poison, the Eagles, death metal or any combination thereof. The duo of Jesse Hughes and Josh “Baby Duck” Homme are still perfectly capable of destroying your eardrums with a blunt blow of undiluted awesome, however.

Homme, best known for his work as the frontman for Queens of the Stone Age, exchanges his guitar for drums on Death By Sexy, providing the back-beat for Hughes’ vocals and guitar licks. The album is a competent effort with excellent tracks like “Solid Gold” and “Cherry Cola,” even featuring a contribution by Liam Lynch at one point. Lynch is best known for his one-hit-wonder “The United States of Whatever.” There is no universe where this is a bad thing.

Bizarre choices for featured artists aside, Death By Sexy rocks the way fun music should. Homme has taken a break from the heavy grinding direction he’s taken with Queens, and helped Hughes put together an excellent album. Fun for the whole fucking family. Bitch.

..Jon Roe

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