Spun: Motˆrhead

Motörhead, one of the hardest bands to ever come out of the land of tea and crumpets is back again to kick your ass with their latest album, Kiss of Death. This is Motörhead’s 26th album, and it’s pretty much the same as the last 25. Not that the consistancy is a bad thing. It’s loud, fast, fun and features the oldest front man to ever sing about one night stands.

With songs like the predictable “One night stand,” “Christine” and “Under the gun” it’s obvious why Maxim lists Lemmy among one of the top 10 “Living Legends of Sex.” “Christine” also features fantastically over-the-top heavy metal lyrics like “She moves like a rattlesnake made out of razorblades.” Other classic Motörhead themes are explored such as death, war and religion with their signature bat-out-of-hell speed.

While the uniform sound is what keeps the fans coming back, Motörhead continues to experiment and explore their sound with the slow and soulful “God was never on your side,” the chugging “Be my baby” and the fantastic blues inspired solo on “Under the gun.” Kiss of Death probably won’t win over any metal nay-sayers to the Motörhead camp, but fans won’t be disappointed.

..Robin Ianson

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