Letter: Stop persecuting professor Peter

By Kevin Wiens

Editor, the Gauntlet, [Re: “Professor wins suit against U of C,” Darlene Seto, Sept. 28, 2006]

Reading this article filled me with worry. I am left wondering if the governing body here at the U of C has students’ best interests at the top of their agenda. I wonder this because if they are willing to treat a tenured faculty member in the manner they did, what is happening on a daily basis to decisions regarding the student body? Are we as students being deprived of rights, privileges or experiences? Has a similar situation that Dr. Bowal faced occurred with students, other faculty members or even support staff?

I can understand that during a court case comments cannot be made on that case. However, why is it that now at least six people in the higher ranks of the university refuse to comment? It appears that the only response from the university was a statement claiming that “the court expressly stated that there had been no breach of trust and no acts of bad faith by the university.” It is ironic that a statement of this nature would be issued when clearly the court found otherwise.

I believe that the university community, and especially Dr. Bowal, should be issued a public apology from the powers that be. This should also include an explanation of what the monetary value is that the university spent to handle this situation. Given the constant need for funding at all levels here at the university, could those resources have not benefited other causes much more effectively?

The U of C should be proud to have such an outstanding member of its community represent this institution while on a sabbatical with the United States Supreme Court. I admire the perseverance and courage that Dr. Bowal showed while fighting for his rights. I am sure that many others in his situation would have quietly exited the back door.

Kevin Wiens

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