Movie Review: Trailer Park Boys movie expletively awesome

By Christian Louden

The Trailer Park Boys’ popularity has been an epidemic, spreading from one person to the next, putting the avian flu to shame. With the upcoming release of Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, there’s no doubt that millions more will be infected.

The movie, much like the series, follows the lives of Ricky, Julian and Bubbles in this mockumentary-style film. As absurd as it is to follow the lives of trailer-trash, the clandestine wit, combined with a certain base humour, will quickly ensnare tentative viewers. From start to finish, the three protagonists say and do undeniably stupid things, but manage to come up with brilliant scams to get themselves out of trouble.

After getting out of prison, Ricky and Julian contemplate what comes to be known as “the big dirty,” a heist that will allow the Boys to retire from their life of crime forever. When it occurs to Julian that coins are untraceable, the boys attempt to rob a bunch of parking meters, ultimately leading to the theft of a giant change container in a movie theatre.

While fans of the series will probably appreciate the movie much more, the film doesn’t leave behind those unfamiliar with the Boys, ensuring an enjoyable watch for more than just the selected cult. The characters are continuously developed throughout the movie, giving new viewers just enough information in every scene to understand what’s going on. It’s enough info to get by for trailer park virgins, but the movie might be funnier the second time around for new viewers nonetheless.

From Cory’s clothes being torn off when getting caught on the bumper of a car, to the faded drawing of a penis on Trevor’s face when he robs the movie theatre, to Ricky’s malapropism, Trailer Park Boys: The Movie will be sure to keep viewers laughing with a fusion of both the high- and low-brow, including a healthy dose of swearing and nudity.

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