Letter: Already aware of genocide, thanks

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Clubs on campus are formed by students with like-minded interests to perform services for the university community. Campus Pro-Life is a Students’ Union club but neither does it serve our community nor does it represent the views of students. Firstly, if your service to the community needs to be protected by double fencing and 24 hour security, obviously the community does not want you here. Clubs are a place for students to express their ideas no matter how radical, but are the outrageous ideas shown in the Pro-Life display those of University of Calgary students? No.

I myself run a club at the U of C and we are constantly scrambling to find money to fund our events. How can a small club such as Campus Pro-Life afford massive, full colour, reinforced billboards costing hundreds of dollars? A little research finds that Campus Pro-Life’s displays are created and distributed by a group called the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform based out of California. The CBR is an ultra-conservative Christian group headed by military man Gregg Cunningham. This organization trawls North American campuses for young, influential students to wash over with their fundamentalist views. The company then uses these youths to infiltrate SU clubs and force their campaign (called the Genocide Awareness Project) down the throats of students like us.

Thank you, Campus Pro-Life, for bending over and squawking the rants of an insecure male who doesn’t want women to have control over their own uteruses. Thank you for wasting club resources on furthering the campaign of a group completely unrelated to the U of C. Your perversion of the principles behind student clubs are the shame of our university.

Richard Freeman

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