Bosch gets the boot

By Emily Senger

Members of the University of Calgary Students’ Union voted unanimously to fire operations and finance commissioner Mike Bosch from his post for failing to attend three consecutive Students’ Legislative Council meetings.

The vote came in the Tues., Oct. 10 SLC meeting, as a result of Bosch neglecting his commissioner duties. Bosch was elected in the SU general election last March.

“This is kind of unpleasant and unfortunate that we have to do this,” said SU president Emily Wyatt before proposing the motion to terminate Bosch. “There wasn’t much communication [with him] over the summer, however a few of us have run into him earlier in the year and he said he didn’t want to do this anymore.”

Rather than stepping down, Wyatt noted Bosch ignored multiple calls and emails from both her and SU vice-president operations and finance Cody Wagner.

“Mr. Wagner called and emailed him a ridiculous number of times,” said Wyatt. “He was on the bylaw committee this summer and didn’t come to a single meeting.”

Wyatt noted that while Bosch is still a U of C student, he reduced his course-load to part-time status, making him ineligible for an SU commissioner position, anyways.

In an email to the Gauntlet, Bosch said he notified the SU of his desire to quit his comissioner position, but was unable to sign the neccessary resignation statement due to work commitments.

An SU committee will now appoint a new op-fi commissioner. Though the new commissioner will be a member of the op-fi commission, he or she will be unable to vote in SLC.

Bosch also served as SU vice-president external in 2004/05 and as Board of Governors representative in 2005/06.

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