Hip poetry

Haikus can be fun

But they can be boring too

And hipsters are dumb

Siobhan Adcock

Wrote a book combining both

The results are mixed

It is fun to see

The world’s most pretentious folk

Be skewered for it

Especially by

A fellow hipster to boot

They had it coming


Adcock is often too nice

Makes it feel gutless

Without some sharp teeth

The clever idea wanes

Waste of intellect

Where there could have been

A comment on stupid trends

There is no substance

It’s still well done though

And the poems made me laugh

Good to read with drink

Cool illustrations

And well done presentation

Add to the package

Ultimately, though

The aesthetic can’t save it

Talent still wasted

It’s kind of funny

How much it’s like its subject

Clever but petty

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