Spun: Chingy

Chingy be needing a bitch-slap with a dictionary open to “overkill.”

A few collaborations with well-established artists can do wonders for an artist’s debut album, but joining forces with other musicians on almost every track is a painfully obvious sign that Chingy’s creative juices are starting to a run a little low. From the get go, the myriad of grammar and spelling errors in the track titles don’t bode well for Hoodstar.

Tired of veiling his usual degradation of the opposite sex behind unimaginative and monotonous rapping, Chingy decides to touch on an even less discussion-worthy topic: his expansive wardrobe of “Nike Aurrs and Crispy Tees.”

When song themes move from night life to personal attire, it’s usually time to turn off the stereo. Chingy somewhat redeems himself, showing a more gentle appreciation for women with romantic R&B crooner Tyrese lending his silky voice to “Pullin’ Me Back,” the album’s only ballad. But, true to form, Chingy reverses these touching words with his customary misspelled track about women’s asses shoe-horned into tight jeans in “Ass N Da Aurr.” Maybe this Christmas, Chingy’s producers can substitute their customary gift of Cristal and phat bitches with something a bit more utilitarian: grammar school.

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