Simply shenanigans

The Western Business Games fiasco last weekend is the stuff journalists dream of.

With 230 drunken business students roaring around the prestigious Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise wearing only g-strings, the headlines almost write themselves. It’s a journalist’s job to pick up on a good story and they did, successfully painting Haskayne students as foolish goons all across the country.

But considering the situation this weekend, the events could have just as easily happened to other school groups that like to gather, drink and be merry.

The story could have been a group of engineers at a meeting–though hopefully with fewer g-strings. The newsmakers could even have been the actual news makers, Gauntlet staff at a student journalism conference.

There is one difference though. Only business students would book their two-day “networking” booze-fest at a resort where the rooms start at $250 per night and the restaurant requires a black tie.

Maybe they don’t teach common sense in BSEN 291.

Emily Senger,
News Editor

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