Letter: Propaganda!

Re: “Heathens!” letter, Nov. 2, 2006]

To all 20-odd members of the Westboro Baptist ‘Church,’ please do us all a favour and keep your propaganda to yourself.

First of all, you aren’t a part of this community and it’s pretty unlikely you were even in Calgary for the event. We as a community are trying to find what we believe on the touchy issue of abortion, so let the voices of this community speak out and foster better understanding on each side of the issue, whatever your beliefs. Your pseudo-religious rant contributes nothing to the discussion besides demonstrating your own inability to understand another stance.

I regret that the Gauntlet would have the bad taste to print your letter, giving more media attention to a group who does little more than hog the spotlight with extremely hateful messages. Preach to your offspring, not our community; they are the only ones taking you seriously.

Emily Sharpe

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