Letter: Sickening Showers

Editor, the Gauntlet,

I am writing to you because I believe the state of the ladies’ locker room in the Kinesiology Complex is worthy of some investigative reporting.

In the toilet area, taps spray water in all directions, leaving the vanity and those using the taps soaked in water. At least one of the stall doors does not close properly and has been this way for weeks. Metal containers installed for the disposal of used feminine hygiene products are also falling off the wall in a number of stalls.

In the shower area at the front of the locker room, the fabric shower curtains are yellow and hardened at the bottom. Black mould graces the grout of both the shower stall walls and the floors. By the end of the day, most of the shower stalls are filthy. In particular, long hairs from one or more people who have showered during the day have stuck to the walls of the stalls. They cannot be rinsed down because the shower heads do not rotate sufficiently.

These areas need to be renovated, but that is expensive so it’s unlikely to happen any time soon. At the very least, what is broken needs to be fixed and hygiene matters (cleaning and janitorial services) need to be stepped up a bit.

Are these locker rooms not used by visiting athletes and teams? Is this what we want to show them about the U of C?

Grossed Out U of C student

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