Letter: Check your gear

By Sylvia Bertolini

Editor, the Gauntlet,

[Re: “Not every cookie fits the mold,” Emily Senger, Nov. 23, 2006]

After having read your article and similar ones from other concerned universities in Canada and as a former homosexual, I can honestly say that the washroom is not the problem or what needs to be changed to accommodate people who label themselves as transgendered or other. It is their symbolic confusion about their sexuality that needs to be addressed.

As a former homosexual, I can confirm that change is possible, and that people are not born gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered or other. We are either male or female. One needs only look at our physical make up to realize this truth and thus, one should act according to one’s bodily form. To be more specific, since it seems that this may be necessary, if someone was born with male physiology, one is male, thus one should simply go to the men’s washroom. If someone was not born with a penis, then one should go to the women’s washroom.

One thing that helped me in my recovery, was to look at myself in a mirror without my clothes on, and thank God prayerfully for every part of me and especially for having created me a woman. We need to accept our sexuality and not run from it. We are either male or female.

Adding a new washroom for people struggling with this issue is not the solution. I am truly disappointed in the psychology, sociology, social work and other departments for their failure in addressing this need for people who are hurting in this way.

From a former homosexual and sex addict who abused her sexuality as a coping mechanism,

Sylvia Bertolini

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