Spun: Tenacious D

Rocking out harder than something that only rocks out with moderate intensity, Tencacious D have done it once again, perfectly balancing humour, talent and an unadulterated horns-up rock attitude. Irony is about to get punched in the balls.

All 15 tracks were written as a chronicle of The D’s rise to rock stardom, and follow the journey of “J Bo” from young boy in a religious home, to hooker-slapping rock star. With famous rockers Dio and Meatloaf appearing on the album, Tenacious D adds some old-school flava’ to their ultimate rock sound as well as borrowing some legitimacy. Famous Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl also gives an extremely strong backing as the Tenacious D drummer–and also as Satan–in the ultimate rock-off.

The Pick of Destiny is all about pure balls-out rock–from classic rock power ballads, to a less conventional kind of rocking set to the classical work of Mozart, it succeeds in providing a good deal of unbridled, unpretentious entertainment, as well as showcasing some not-inconsiderable musical talent. As a Spinal Tap for a new generation, The Pick of Destiny is not only a fantastic soundtrack but also an album that can stand on its own.

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