Letter: Potties Needed

Editor, the Gauntlet,

[Re: “Check your gear,” letter, Nov. 30, 2006]

As a U of C alumnus, I was quite appalled to read Ms. Bertolini’s letter to the Gauntlet.

She is unreasonably dismissive of the all-too-real experiences of transgendered people who are in the midst of transition.

In my experience, transsexuals are the least confused about their gender and sexual identity. Their own identity may be confusing to others like Ms. Bertolini, but that’s another story.

The fact that she has had her own struggles with her sexual identity and has found a path that she is happy with does not invalidate the very real need for transsexuals to transition.

Her hostility towards cross- gender identified people is precisely the reason that gender neutral washrooms are needed. Perhaps she should start by reading the University of Calgary’s own “Positive Spaces” campaign literature.

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