Not as dumb as the hairstyle

If it were still 1997 (and if frosted hair had ever been cool), then Frosted Tipz might be the best name for a band. Having played their first show at a roller rink, Edmonton’s Frosted Tipz deserve a bit of leeway, even though the ’90s are long gone.

“We’re not particularly fond of it anymore,” laments bassist Allan Hiodebrandt. “It was more of a joke at the time–we take what we do seriously–but we try not to be that serious.”

Since that fateful night at the roller rink two years ago, Frosted Tipz have made their mark in the Edmonton music scene, releasing their debut EP Heads vs. Hips last summer and planning a full-length for later this year. While the EP presented danceable tunes, fans may be surprised by a full-length saturated with rock and metal influences. The new album will be a step away from the post-punk dance rock ever-so-popular last summer, and will even include an Iron Maiden cover of epic proportions.

“Originally the purpose of the band was to be dance-poppy, but not fall into those pigeon holes,” says Hiodebrandt. “We kind of made our own pigeon hole. After releasing our EP we realized that’s not what we’re all about. Our full-length is not going to be as cold and electronic.”

Frosted Tipz will skip the roller rink when they heat things up in Calgary later this week. In return, they want students to give up their eight dollar pitchers to see them rock out at the Liberty Lounge on Thursday. They may even get a little tipzy themselves.

“Our lead singer will do the splitz,” promises Hiodebrandt, “if she’s drunk enough.”

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