Letter: Vindicate Valentine

Editor, the Gauntlet,

My name is Luke Valentine and until Friday, Jan. 12, I was the Community Advisor on the third floor of the Kananaskis building. On Friday, I was informed by my supervisor that I would no longer be allowed to continue as a CA due to a policy that in the past has been completely unenforced, which stipulates that CAs maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5. No notice was given of my supervisor’s intention to enforce this previously ignored rule at any time during the length of my time as part of the Residence Life Team. Due to this enforcement, the floor previously under my jurisdiction will be, if at all, provided with a totally inexperienced, untrained, and likely ill-equipped replacement. The decision disrupts the stable environment meant to be provided by a CA, who, by virtue of their constant presence promotes a healthy environment to those under their care. My evaluation previous to this unexpected termination was impeccable, and my floormates and team were incredibly disgruntled to be losing such a valuable member of the Residence Life Team. Also, at the beginning of my term, I was presented with a contract stipulating that a certain GPA would need to be maintained during my tenure. As I wholly disagree with the idea that one’s GPA impacts the ability to be a CA, I did not sign. No mention of this lack of a signed contract was made, and I was allowed to continue as a CA for four and a half months, being commended for irreproachable performance the entire time. My GPA in no way jeopardizes my presence at the U of C, or my standing in my faculty. My supervisor found my performance to be excellent all term. Therefore, the validity of such a decision will, I hope, be called into serious question. Respectfully,

Luke Valentine

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