Blood and gore is awesome! Coheed and Cambria rock out.

Claudio Sanchez has an entire universe growing in his head, and some speculate that there are several galaxies hidden in his wild mane of hair. Sanchez understands the immense proportions his fictional world has grown to, and is expanding to new mediums to express his lofty thoughts. Not only has he seen success in the three studio albums with his band Coheed and Cambria–named after the two main characters in his universe–there have been two comics, a graphic novel and six animated shorts portraying the visions of Sanchez. Now, Sanchez has decided to take an element of his universe and create a subplot in the form of his acoustic/electronic side project, the Prize Fighter Inferno. The Prize Fighter Inferno’s debut album, My Brother’s Blood Machine, sees the character Jesse (AKA the Prize Fighter Inferno) from the Coheed and Cambria story resurrected on present day Earth.

“Conceptually, the character of Inferno is the only bridging point [between the two stories],” explains Sanchez. “I don’t want to get too detailed or give too much away, but that it is a horror story with a love story intertwined.”

Although Sanchez has been mum on the details of his story for as long as it has existed now, there has been a lot of postulation regarding the absolute details of the story. This much is known: Blood Machine has a lot to do with two brothers, Long-Arm and Butchie Bleam, who are told by their psychopathic mother that they are “the new Death” and must collect souls for God. Long-Arm and Butchie then construct the Blood Machine, a device used to tear a body to shreds in order to separate the soul from its physical habitat. Otherwise, there are many subplots in the album focused on the other main characters and families in the story. Sanchez has made his new story just as elaborate as the original Coheed and Cambria concept, but is not intent on switching gears entirely.

“The album was done in fun,” says Sanchez. “[It was] a collection of songs over several years’ time.”

My Brother’s Blood Machine was, in fact, recorded over at least seven years. Therefore, it is not expected Sanchez will release a follow-up in the near future. The Prize Fighter Inferno is, after all, a side project , though he will continue to write music for it whenever the urge arises.

“Maybe down the road there will be more [PFI albums],” says Sanchez. “Not immediately, but it will be something evolved. It wasn’t ever a ‘let-me-have-a-side-project’ thing, and is mostly spur of the moment, so there will definitely be some evolution.”

In addition to the release of My Brother’s Blood Machine, Sanchez is releasing a brand new series of comics dedicated to his Coheed and Cambria concept. Sanchez was not satisfied with the original comics, and neither were the fans. Therefore, he has decided to abandon the old Bag On Line Adventures concept, and start fresh under the new title The Amory Wars.

“I was anxious with the first comics, and just wanted to put something out,” admits Sanchez. “Now we have a deal with 12-Gauge comics, and are going to put the comics out more on a monthly schedule.”

A year lapsed between the first and second in the series, and soon after Sanchez decided not to continue with them any longer. With the touring schedule of Coheed and Cambria and the schedule of comic artist Wes Abbott conflicting, there was not much room to work on the comics. Sanchez is attempting to avoid the mistakes made with The Bag On Line Adventures in The Amory Wars, and is elated to have new artist Guy Vasquez and 12-Gauge comics at his disposal.

“I hope they will be well received,” says Sanchez. “I’m really excited about Guy’s work and having the support of 12-Gauge.”

The new series will begin in the spring of 2007. A sketchbook detailing the first issue has already been released, and excitement is growing over the release of the next comic. After releasing his universe in all of these different mediums, many fans are wondering where life will take Claudio Sanchez next–a Coheed and Cambria movie, perhaps?

“[I will make a movie] if there is the avenue,” says Sanchez. “I thought about it, and who would play the main roles a while back, but I forget now.”

Sanchez likes to keep his options open. He could make a movie, a play and a book for all anyone knows. As for now, fans can anticipate the new comic series and the next Coheed and Cambria album in late 2007.

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