Spun: Cadillac Sky

The recipe for a country band always contains a few similar ingredients. The mandolin, fiddle, acoustic guitar, banjo and bass all seem to be staples of the genre. Five guys from the Southern U.S. knew this and banded together to form the country quintet Cadillac Sky. Despite incorporating bluegrass elements into their musical array, with Blind Man Walking the band delivers a sound unrecognizable from the other hoot-hollerin’ toe-tappin’ noise eminating from the trailer park.

Cadillac Sky’s second album consists of twangy country lyrics that manage to cover such diverse topics as wandering around, being homesick, sinning, being blue and drinking. If only the band had thrown in a song about a run-down truck or a dead dog this CD would be on its way to number one on the country music charts. The album begins with some catchy fiddle music that is quickly overpowered by a generic country twang. The downward spiral towards depression continues until it ends with the aptly named “Wish I Could Say I Was Drinking,” which is what anyone who actually manages to listen to the whole CD will be thinking at the end of it.

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