Spun: Hatebreed

Like a boot to the head, Hatebreed’s latest album, Supremacy, is impossible to ignore. It’s loud, heavy and very, very angry.

Arguably the most successful hardcore band to ever emerge from the underground, Hatebreed have had to endure the ‘sell-out’ label ever since frontman Jamey Jasta began hosting MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball in 2003. Even if Hatebreed have sold out they sure as hell haven’t mellowed out. Supremacy is a steamroller flattening anyone foolish enough to stand in its way. Jasta is full of piss and vinegar, and sounds as if he must have gargled a bunch of it to get such a gravely voice. The drums and guitars are absolutely devastating, but suffer from being too formulaic and feel monotonous before the album is even half over. One of hardcore’s most annoying tendencies is having the entire band shout the chorus. Unfortunately Supremacy is guilty, and it ruins many otherwise decent songs.

Although Supremacy has a great sound, it ultimately suffers from recycling too much of its own material and fails to be anything more than just another hardcore album.

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