Spun: Milburn

By Darren Young

Milburn are not strikingly different from any other indie band. The band is young, has four members, good fashion sense, and basic knowledge about playing rock music. Pending an eventual iPod sponsorship, Milburn has everything lined up. What artistic merit could they possibly have, then?

Well Well Well, Milburn’s debut album, shows a great deal of promise for the young band. The hooks are catchy, the lyrics are smart and sarcastic, and upon hearing it, listeners will likely find themselves unable to resist the urge to get up and start dancing. For the most part, the album is frenetically paced, maintaining a higher energy level than a jungle rodent on cocaine. Still not a huge departure from many similarly-composed bands, but Well Well Well makes up for it’s familiarity simply by doing it better than most. Many of the bands classified as ‘indie rock’ suffer from repetitive song structure, and Milburn is no exception. The difference lies in the pacing of the songs–they all end before they begin to drag on or feel overwrought.

Milburn has done indie justice with Well Well Well, though it’s still easy to hope they’ll improve with age, just like fine Nicaraguan blow.

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