Spun: Mute Math

Suppose aliens descended upon the planet and started an indie rock band. Not only would their take on the music be markedly different from our human perspective, their sounds would contain sonic effects more complicated than any sounds ever heard by modern man. Though the members of Mute Math may not be aliens, they sure come close in their aural sensibilities.

Mute Math’s self-titled debut is a lush, relaxed and maturely executed album amongst a solar system of mediocre rock.

Laced with fantastically produced electronic sounds, Mute Math showcases the breadth of scope these space rockers possess. Songs like “Chaos” and “Noticed” are fast, dancey numbers typical of the genre, while the track “Stall Out” journeys through ethereal soundscapes.

Besides the occasional moment of U2 and Coldplay mimicry, Mute Math is an admirable debut album from a talented new band. Maybe aliens haven’t started an indie rock band just yet, but Mute Math can tide the masses over until that unbelievably awesome day comes.

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