Letter: An oldie but a goodie!

[Editor’s note: Seeing as you all are too content with the status quo to write letters, we’ve decided to show you kids how it’s done with an excerpt from some insanity of days of yore. Evidently drug culture was still in full siwng in 1978]

Editor, the Gauntlet,

[“No sense in nonsense,” Fri., Mar. 17, 1978.]

I have once again fallen to the perils of letter writing without a person to write to. I could write the letter, and then find someone to send it to, but then all I wrote would indeed have to remain quite neutral. I would have no difficulty in rambling on for a while, I guess.

Must everything have a point, reason, or rhyme? Wit and riddles. Clarinets and fiddles. Is there a point? Mocking birds. Do we train to merely mimic in style? What is the error in mock? Mock and mimic. Here and now. Then and there. Where and why. What is the point, I ask you, my good friend? Is there a point, reason or rhyme?

Riddles. Riddles and fiddles. All in a game, the rules the same. Why not stay and play a while. But, what is the point. Mimic, I say.

Is there an innate idea? Is there an original thought, act or riddle played by the fiddle?

Where is the time? The endless playing of fiddles, riddles, rhymes and clarinets by the mocking bird fills each moment of each day of each week of each month of each year. I asked my good friend: “Is there a point?”

He asked with a smile and said: “What troubles you?” The mocking bird perched on his shoulder. He could not fly. The fiddles could be heard from beyond the window, and the riddles filled the air.

“It isn’t fair!” Riddles and rhyme. ” What is the point, reason or time?”

“The time, you ayh?” “Why, today. If it were yesterday today is tommorrow, and more ago yesterday, I say.” The mocking bird screamed. He could not fly; hindered by time. Mimic, riddles and rhyme.

Rambling isn’t so very difficult, but it is there a point, my good friend? Without a purpose, a point is made. Without a point, a purpose is there. Without cause, the effect is there. Without an effect, a cause has no riddle, reason or rhyme…

The Bearer of the Spear

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