Letter: Rez ain’t all bad

Editor, the Gauntlet,

[Re: “Residence students deserve better,” ├ćndrew Rininsland, March 15, 2007.}

I feel that an accurate portrayal of the residence experience was not given in this editorial. While residence students are in a difficult position with rising costs and decreasing conditions in the older apartment buildings, the residence experience is still a sound one for many reasons. Sound enough that of 1,450 students, over 900 re-applied for residence next year.

As president of the Residence Students’ Association, I have seen first-hand the excellent and unmatched enthusiasm of our staff members. Students are aware that whenever they need academic support, a link to campus resources or good times with a friend they can turn to their Student Representative.

Among many successful events, the RSA had three awesome cabs this year. Look at the plethora of Facebook photos (a rez kid favourite) from the Neon-A-Thon and you’ll go blind. Also, the gala (winter formal) was sold out again this year and the second annual ski trip was a raging success.

This year’s community evaluations in residence set record highs in almost every category. The bottom line is that despite the setbacks to facilities, residence students are making due with what they have. Major upgrades are scheduled for every apartment building. Dorm residence received new lounges and revamped kitchens. Until the facilities improve, a short walk home from the Den and great people may just be enough to put a smile on the face of most rez kids.

Allan Bailey

RSA President

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